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Women: work, life, and health

According to a survey study conducted recently, the majority of women (70%) work for 8-10 hours 

in a day travel as large as 30 kilometers and travel for more than an hour to reach their workplace. Interestingly, the majority of women (84%) reported that they devote 2-4 hours to household work and 49% said that they have domestic help to do household work. However, little support was seen coming from family members in running household errands with women, reflecting on the fact that the sole responsibility of home management has been always been on the lady of the house. The world over, females are assumed as homemakers despite a promising carrier, they might be pursuing and contributing equally to the overall household income. 

It’s a dichotomy that it is considered that men have more physical strength than women and still women work physically much more than their counterparts in order to run a household. In all the hustle and bustle of life, their own nutrition and health often take a back seat. For females, mostly it’s about the kids and their life partners’ health and interests. This neglect often takes a toll on the women’s health and they struggle with daily aches and pains. In fact, a survey reported that a majority 63% of women reported missing work (absenteeism) due to health issues. As many as 47% of women have reported aches and pains as the main health reason for missing work. While working for everyone, the fairer sex forgets claiming a fair deal. The income of the household is generally spent on home needs or kid’s requirements rather than on healthy nutrition of the working woman. An analysis of the percentage of income spent on their own health showed that 52% of women spent less than 10% of their income on health, while only 5% spent more than 40%. 

In order to be able to keep delivering the services to one home and loved ones, one has to be careful investing her time and money in building up her strength and keeping it intact for long. While light physical exercise, yoga, and meditation strengthens the emotional being, it is very much advisable to start taking the right nutritional supplements (completely natural ) from the right time for the adequate physical being 

The market is full of supplements and one gets ample options but the moot point is of choosing the right one. One product that is completely natural and doesn’t have any side effects. A product that enhances stamina, improves immunity and heals naturally. 

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