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Pain and wasted human hours

For those who suffer pain, it limits their functional status and adversely impacts their quality of life. Pain is costly because it sometimes requires medical treatment. Pain also complicates medical care for other ailments, and it hinders one’s ability to work and function in society. It can have a physical, economic, social, and emotional impact on the person who is undergoing pain. It may leave a person depressed and demotivated which can affect the work or zeal towards life adversely. 

There’s a large body of research that suggests that pains cause social and economic costs and should be avoided at any cost. Being healthy implies a body devoid 

of pains and capable of carrying out daily chores actively and without getting tired. 

There are many reasons for pains : 

1. Ageing: With aging, the daily wear and tear of the joints is always in progress and hence the pains starts surfacing because of inflammations and gaps in bones and muscles.

2. Bad posture : Bad posture affects the joints and muscles and weakens them considerably which leads to recurring pains.

3. Obesity : Excess weight of the body exaggerates the stress on the spine and lower joints harming them altogether and weakening them to the extent that they start paining

4. Smoking : Damages the small vessels supplying your joints and thus deteriorating their functioning and eating up their strength

5. No Exercise : Lack of muscle strengthening leads to damage when overworked.

6. Nutrition : Deficiency of micro and macro nutrients required to build and keep the body in shape leads to consistent damage. 

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Effects”. Various human clinical studies suggest that their are various natural ingredients that work wonder in keeping up with the bone density , muscle and joints. Such ingredients may start showing results as quick as in a couple of days. They work on the body’s natural anti inflammatory pathways giving quick pain relief and help improve the quality of life.